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Increase performance on all Workstations and Servers

Fragmentation can drastically slow a computer down, affecting productivity at every corporate workstation and server. The new Laplink Defrag Professional Edition provides the key to unlocking hidden performance across an entire organization.

Improve overall productivity and enjoy extended hardware life-cycles by eliminating unnecessary file fragmentation. Laplink Defrag optimizes your hard disk and efficiently packs file fragments together automatically.

Laplink Defrag is the superior defragmentation software on the market today with features that fit organizations of any size.

Automatic Defragmentation The Laplink OneClickDefrag wizard makes it easy to select the optimal defrag strategy for your organization.
Drive Zones Data is inspected according to your criteria, and filed into separate zones on the hard disk for optimal organization after fragmentation.
Power Management for Netbooks or Notebooks As soon as your netbook or notebook is separated from the power supply, Defrag Professional switches to standby mode and the defragmentation is paused using Laplink's IntellingentPowerControl.
Background Monitoring Defragmentation can run on a certain day of the week, fragmentation level, or whenever your screen saver is active.
Job Assistant Use Job Assistant to set schedule criteria, include multiple drives or partitions, tuning, pre and post job script execution, and much more!
Screen Saver Mode Enable Defrag Professional to run while the computer is in screen saver mode, helping to avoid unnecessary processing while the computer is in use.

Important Features at a Glance

  • NEW: Fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, and XP
  • NEW: Zone filing for optimal organization of files
  • NEW: Three additional defragmentation methods
  • Improved elimination of high level fragmentation
  • Enhanced: Laplink OneClickDefrag for fully automatic configuration
  • Background Monitoring: automatic defragmentation while PC is not in use
  • Screen Saver Mode: optimize PC when not in use
  • Job Assistant for scheduling defragmentation