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Software Piracy

Laplink Software has put this page together to share information on the issue of software piracy and the impact on both Laplink and our valued customers.

As noted by the Business Software Alliance (

Quite simply, to make or download unauthorized copies of software is to break the law, no matter how many copies are involved. Whether you are casually making a few copies for friends, loaning disks, distributing and/or downloading pirated software via the Internet, or buying a single software program and then installing it on 100 of your company’s personal computers, you are committing a copyright infringement. It doesn’t matter if you are doing it to make money or not — if you or your company is caught copying software, you may be held liable under both civil and criminal law."

Apart from legal consequences, using copied or counterfeit software also means:

  • Greater exposure to software viruses, corrupt disks, or otherwise defective software
  • Inadequate or no documentation
  • No warranties
  • Lack of technical product support available to properly licensed users
  • Ineligibility for software upgrades offered to properly licensed users

Customers receive the best value for their software by purchasing legally obtained Laplink products that qualify them for product updates and special offers directly from Laplink Software.

If you are not sure if you have a legal copy of a Laplink product or have questions about whether a Laplink product you are considering buying is legal, please contact us.