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Complete connectivity, remote control, file transfer and synchronization

Laplink's flagship product, Laplink Gold, has been updated for Vista PCs!

Now faster, better, and the best value ever. With Laplink Gold 2008, you can quickly and easily connect your PCs for remote control, file transfer and synchronization - no matter where you are; no matter where your PCs are.

Combining fast PC remote control, automatic connections through firewalls, and a full complement of remote control support tools, Laplink Gold 2008 is the product of choice for personal users and IT professionals around the world. Laplink Gold 2008 is easy to set up and use. It works across all common Windows operating systems, and even connects automatically through firewalls and proxy servers. For any additional assistance Laplink provides a free tech support call, and remote help desk.

Use Laplink Gold 2008 to:

Automatically back up or synchronize files and folders, even scheduled and unattended
Quickly transfer files of any size from one PC to another
Remotely control, support, and maintain your PCs from anywhere - even remotely restart
And much, much more

Whether you are a consumer with multiple PCs, a small business, or a global enterprise, Laplink Gold 2008 is the tool you need! At home, in the office, or on the road, Laplink Gold 2008 gives you the tools you need - all in one application.

Connect PCs Safely and Securely

Connect your PC's using a variety of connection methods:

Laplink USB 2.0 for the fastest possible transfer speeds
Across a network, home or business, even wireless
Across the internet, through firewalls and routers automatically with no special configuration*

Laplink Gold 2008 is the latest version in the family of products including Laplink 2000, Laplink Pro, Laplink Tech, Laplink Gold 11.5, and Laplink Gold 12.

Offering unbeatable features, performance and price, Laplink Gold for Windows 7 provides all the advanced connectivity tools needed for your PCs.

For more information, please read the User Guide!

* One year subscription included from product registration date.