Laplink Gold 11.5

Complete connectivity, remote control,
file transfer and synchronization



  • Transfer Files
  • Complete Connectivity
  • Versatile PC to PC Connections
  • Remote Control
  • Automatic and Fast Synchronization
  • High Security and Authentication

Access your PC and files

File Transfer

Using Laplink's patented Speedsync technology, you get the fastest transfer because it only sends the changed portion of the file.

Remote Control

Remotely control, operate, maintain, reconfigure and even restart any server or PC.

Automatic & Fast Sync

Set up a schedule to keep folders and PCs synchronized automatically and use SmartXchange® to perform on-demand synchronizations.

High Security & Authentication

Users have a choice of Microsoft® or Laplink user authentication, multi-level encryption and Microsoft CryptoAPI support, plus lockout password protection and platform compatibility

Looking for Remote Control and File Synchronization Software for your Older PC?

Running on an older operating system shouldn't stop you from using an award-winning connectivity product.

With Laplink Gold 11.5 you can:

  • Access files
  • Synchronize data between PCs
  • Run database applications
  • Conduct remote meetings
  • Remotely support co-workers, clients or friends
  • Print files on distant printers
  • Operate, maintain and even reboot remote PCs or servers

Through its innovative features, Laplink Gold gives you a level of mobility, independence and control you may never have thought possible within a single application.

Laplink Gold provides you with award-winning remote control and file transfer technology that leverages the power of the Internet to connect two PCs easily and securely.


  • Full Spectrum Windows Compatibility
  • Access Network Resources
  • Push Install
  • Firewall Support
  • Security to Safeguard Your Data

For more information, please read the User Guide!