For Business

Laplink Everywhere makes telecommuting easy. For the employer, this means that you can:

  1. Reduce your employees’ stress levels by letting them work from home one to two times a week.

    According to a recent IBM survey, 45% of respondents said their stress levels increased due to traffic congestion on the commute to work; 1 in 5 noticed that it had an effect on their productivity.

  2. Attract and retain talented employees by using Laplink Everywhere to give them more options for easy access to the resources they need to remain productive.

  3. Reduce expenses.

    Allowing workers to telecommute reduces your need for expensive office space, while saving employees the cost of gas to drive in to work on a daily basis.

    Companies like IBM have saved over 2 million square feet of office space in just over 2 years due to telecommuting.

    According to a recent study by the Telework Exchange, if everyone who could telecommute did their jobs from home twice weekly, the country could save 9.7 billion gallons of gas and $38.2 billion a year.

  4. Reduce carbon emissions.

    Due to telecommuters last year, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions were cut by nearly 14 million tons, equivalent to removing 2 million vehicles from the road.

For Individuals

As an individual, Laplink Everywhere gives you the comfort of knowing that you have anytime, anywhere access to your PCs.

  1. Did you leave your presentation on your office PC? Don’t stress - it's only a click away with Laplink Everywhere.

  2. Are the kids home from school and you can't find a babysitter? Access your work PC from home as if you were sitting right in front of it.

  3. Concerned that a customs agent will search and seize your laptop during your trip? Carry a bare laptop and keep sensitive documents on your work PC, while still having total access to them with Laplink Everywhere.

  4. Don't have your PC and need to send out an important document? Use your phone or any browser to send files with Laplink Everywhere.

  5. Why choose to carry that heavy laptop around with you? Travel light by using your phone to access all your PC contents remotely.

  6. Can't remember that particular useful website's address? Use Laplink Everywhere to remotely access your bookmarks.

  7. Feeling a little under the weather? Work from home; after all, you now have complete access to your work PC from anywhere.

  8. Are you miles away from home and work and need complete access to your Outlook? With Laplink Everywhere, your Outlook client is only a few clicks away.

  9. Are your parents having PC problems again? You can be the tech specialist by remotely accessing their computers from anywhere without spending hours on the phone.