A Few Simple Steps

Follow these 3 easy steps to download your Laplink product and obtain your Serial Number. Please have your Product Code ready to complete this process.

Click here if you have problems with your Product Code or the registration process.

Note: The Product Code has already been set! Simply Login or Create your Laplink account, or if you are already logged in, click 'Finish' in Step 3.


If you have previously used PCmover, you already have an account! Simply use the email address you used to register. Click here if you've forgotten your password.

Follow the Three Easy Steps below to get your Laplink product!

Login to your Laplink Account if you have one, or simply create one now.

Product Code has been set!

Now download your product and Serial Number.

Your Product Code can only be used one time. Once entered, your Laplink 'My Downloads'
account will contain a link to download your product and Serial Number for activation.

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