Compare Laplink Gold® 12 Against the Competition

Feature Laplink Gold 12
LapLink Gold® 12
PC Anywhere
Connect over the Internet without firewall configuration N/A
Dynamic IP Address easy connection support N/A
Microsoft Remote Desktop Support N/A
Antivirus for file transfer N/A
Direct Connect USB support N/A
Supports USB 2.0 Speeds N/A
Laplink 2.0 USB cable available in bulk discount N/A
Remote Screen Capture N/A
Simultaneous Voice over IP N/A
Remote Clipboard N/A
Shared Connections
Configurable Network Installer
Remote Control
Drag & Drop File Transfer
Text Chat
Remote Reboot of PCs
Remote Printing
Scheduled File Transfers
SmartXchange automated scripting of all operations
Bandwidth Optimization
Directory Service
Synchronize only the changes in files
Push Install
Low price point Host product available
Direct connect cable support
AutoDetect on Cables
MRP $445 for 5-Seat License ($89 each) $199.95 for one PC
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