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Laplink Everywhere

The Easiest Mobile Solution Period.

What's New in Laplink Everywhere 4

  • Remote desktop search powered by Google Desktop Search from any web-enabled device with the ability to act on the search results directly from a browser.
  • Native integration of Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol to extend Remote Desktop to allow remote control over the Internet and through firewalls.
  • Ability to send files of any size or type using a secure, click-and-download web link from any web-connected PC or handheld device.
  • New, easier to use Laplink Everywhere website.
  • Streamlined user interface for handheld devices to enable fast access to each Laplink Everywhere service.
  • Support for leading web browsers including Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and Opera.
  • Support for leading operating systems used by web-enabled PDA and Smartphones including Windows Mobile, PocketPC, Palm and Symbian.

Remote Control Features

Remote control provides complete access to your remote PC. You can control and view your remote PC desktop exactly as though you are sitting in front of it. Just log into your account using a web browser on any local computer. In seconds, you will see your remote desktop and be able to view and use your files, email, applications, and even network resources.

Feature Benefit
Firewall Connect Technology Connect securely to your remote PC without the trouble of reconfiguring personal or corporate firewalls. Learn more about Firewall Connect
Choose from three remote control options Enjoy fast connectivity from a Windows, Mac, or Linux-based computer. System requirements
Print remote documents to a local printer Download remote documents to the local machine and print them out.

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Remote Access Features

Remote access delivers streamlined, searchable access to your remote files, email, Outlook data, and Internet favorites from any web browser. This means you can use any web-enabled device to access remote data--a computer, PDA or mobile phone-without launching a remote control session! Laplink's exclusive web interface delivers your remote data in a low-bandwidth, handheld-friendly format. Check your email, look up a contact, or retrieve an important file "anytime, anywhere".

Feature Benefit
Integrated remote Google Desktop Search Search your remote files, email or Internet Favorites using the power of Google Desktop Search.
Handheld compatibility Access your PC from any Pocket PC, Palm or Symbian-based device.
Bandwidth friendly Access your PC successfully even using a low-bandwidth connection.
No plug-ins required Access your PC from a computer that doesn't allow remote control clients to be installed.
Click-to-download file forwarding Forward remote files to other recipients easily and securely, without launching a remote control session.
Laplink Companion Download your Outlook data while you're online and then read, update and respond while offline. Changes are auto-synched with your PC when you're next online.
File transfer Transfer multiple files between computers faster than ever with Laplink's patented SpeedSync Laplink's patented Speedsync technology transfers only the changed portion of previously downloaded or synchronized files, enabling faster download and synchronization speeds than ever before technology.

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Security & Privacy Features

Laplink Everywhere keeps your remote PC safe from unauthorized intrusions, and ensures your data is protected in any transmission over the Internet.

Feature Benefit
128-bit SSL encryption Keeps your data secure during transit.
Zero-footprint technology Erases all traces of your remote access session once you log out.
Firewall compatibility Allows your firewall to continue protecting your remote PC when you access it remotely.
User authentication Prevents unauthorized users from accessing your remote data.
Customizable guest access Lets you limit the remote drives or folders that guests can access on your PC.

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