The Standard in File Transfer and Remote Control

LapLink is consistently rated "easiest to use" by industry experts. Beginning in 1996 with the Windows 95 version, LapLink has won more than 40 file transfer and remote control awards—more than all its competitors combined!

Codie Award Finalist
Best Mobile Product or Service
December 2002

"Mobile technology remains one of the most exciting areas of the tech world, and we're thrilled to honor these great products." -Jon Pepper, Pepcom.
Finalist for the MobileFocus 2001
Best Mobile Software award
June 2001

"5 out of 5 stars for LapLink Gold, and the SC Recommended Product of the Month."
SC Magazine
Recommended Product of the Month
June 2001

Winner of Mobile Computing's
First Class Award for the Past Four Years

Best Products of 2000

"LapLink is simple and complete. Just start up the program and you're instantly ready to connect."
Computer Times
Editors Choice

"LapLink, now makes it possible for harried Internet types to quickly access their primary computer from anywhere in the world with a minimum of hassle and fuss."
  The American Reporter
Joe Shea

"I've been testing a great product, LapLink, which has some wonderful features for Windows users who need to transfer files regularly. Recently, I helped a friend transfer files from his PC to his new laptop. "
By Steve Segal

Mobility Award 2000 Winner
Mobile Insights
Network Management/Remote Access

"The new program also includes a way to connect remote computers over the Internet, and builds in new security measures for safe, reliable communications" ..."The voice-over data calling feature could be a real lifesaver when on the road."
  The Washington Times
Named: Best Communicators

"Short-term Business Impact: With LapLink's easy installation and setup, companies will see immediate savings on implementation and training costs."
eWeek Labs

"The bottom line: LapLink offers terrific file-transfer and remote-control features. It can't be surpassed when it comes to reliability and ease of configuration and use."

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