Laplink V for DOS

Have you ever needed to save your data from an old computer? Laplink V is the answer. With Laplink V for DOS you can bypass the Windows operating system with on a bootable floppy disc and safely move your files to another computer. Reformat, reinstall your software, and rebuild your system while keeping your data intact.

Laplink V for DOS is the smart way to transfer files and directories between older computers.

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Laplink V for DOS does more than data recovery. It provides a file transfer method from DOS based computers, remote access to DOS based computers and the ability to clone and synchronize directories.

  • Transfer files or directories from a legacy DOS system to a Windows computer.
  • Transfer information from a CDROM to a computer with no CDROM.
  • Retrieve data from a machine that will not boot from the hard drive.
  • Laplink V will run from a bootable 1.44 floppy disc.
System Requirements
  • IBM PC/XT/AT, PS/2 or 100% compatible
  • 470K available RAM (520K recommended)
  • PC-DOS or MS-DOS 3.1 or higher, or DR DOS 5 or 6

  • Windows 3.1 (enhanced mode required for background operation)
  • Novell NetWare. 2.2, 3.11, 4.0
  • Hayes.-compatible modem
  • Mouse

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