LapLink® V for DOS - System Requirement

Below are the minimum system requirements for LapLink V

Floppy drive
Readable hard drive
Windows 98 or Windows XP startup diskette if hard drive is larger than 4G
Working COM or LPT port, modem or IPX network with bindery services
LapLink serial or parallel cable if connecting over cable

  • LapLink V does not support hard drives larger than 4 Gigs, and it may incorrectly report free space on the drive if it is more than 2Gigs.
  • LapLink V is not Y2K compliant and may exhibit errors sorting files with dates after January 1, 2000.
  • LapLink V does not support long file names (files that do not use the standard 8.3 file name) and will truncate long file names.
  • LapLink V cannot be used on computers that use NTFS.
  • LapLink must be installed, running, and configured correctly on both computers before it will connect. In addition, LapLink V will connect only to another computer running LapLink V. It will not connect to computers running a Windows version of LapLink.
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